The DAVIDTUTERA Experience was created in 2017 as an educational symposium for people in the events industry. Having started in this business 30 years ago with no guidance, David wanted others to feel as if they had a mentor and a community that truly cared to support them.  We quickly realized what happened at our first event was more than a symposium; our attendees connected, were engaged and they were inspired for greatness… it was an EXPERIENCE.

When you come to the DAVIDTUTERA EXPERIENCE you get to learn and interact with great thought leaders across various industries.  You get an Experience that will reshape how you approach life and business. In an industry that at times can feel very competitive and isolating – We love to bring people to together so everyone can grow and to support one another as they listen, learn, connect and get inspired. Whether you are new in this industry or a well-seasoned expert…we all need to learn and hear new ideas, and find new ways to stand out!

DTE has blossomed and has truly grown into a fabulous EXPERIECE for all event industry professionals. DTE has now brought in attendees and speakers from all over the world – as we have hosted events in: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Bermuda, Orlando, Rhode Island, and now Jamaica.  The DAVIDTUTERA Experience is a unique education conference with two full days of education sessions, three unforgettable evening experiences and for those who dare to push themselves further there is the optional early morning transformational yoga sessions.

So start each day with a  yoga session created for all levels and end each day with unique, memorable events. YOU get to attend three fabulous events, enjoy being a guest and at the same time learn while enjoying the celebration. We give attendees time to bond and talk with one another about their struggles and successes. Many attendees leave having built new business connections but more importantly having built support systems within the industry.

The time with us will literally give you the content to elevate your business and ultimately increase your profits. We, have formed incredible bonds with our attendees as well. It is very exciting to create each DTE and we can’t wait to see where it takes us next and who we get to meet along the way.

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Enjoy a peek inside our Orlando DTE


• Unlock your full potential
• Move beyond your fears
• Make new industry connections from all around the globe
• Learn from a dynamic group of educators 
• One-on-one time with both David and Joey
• Create lifelong friendships and business relationships formed
• Open your heart and mind from the Transformational yoga with Joey 
• Hands-on floral session
• Be a guest to three fabulous events created by David Tutera
• This is an opportunity to grow and expand yourself professionally and personally

Every detail about the DAVIDTUTERA Experience is hand crafted and curated for our attendees. We spend up to a year planning, coordinating, and working with vendors to make each DTE what it is. Each year, we step back and we feel so grateful for what we have accomplished.

We are proud to have repeatedly brought this project of passion to fruition. There are few times in our lives when we can stop, step back, and realize we have made a difference.

Bringing people together to listen, learn, get inspired and to connect and grow, and know that we are here for them every step of the way – This is why we do what we do and why we are driven to keep doing it because we want to make sure everyone is stepping forward with education, and growth, that increases their passion to build their success.

See more details about Las Vegas on the Things To Know page.

We look forward to you taking the Journey and creating your own unique EXPERIENCE!