A Letter From
David & Joey

Planning and designing events throughout the world has been quite a journey.  Each experience has been filled with excitement and wonderful opportunities allowing us to create celebrations for everyone, anywhere.  The one common thread no matter where we work is that celebrations create moments in time that bring people joy!

After three decades of planning and designing events, we realized that it was time to share all that we have experienced and learned with others. Together with our team, we work very hard to create an EXPERIENCE where you, ‘our’ attendee will learn, grow your business and increase your confidence not just in this industry, but also within yourselves.  You will leave with new experiences, new knowledge, and new friends that become a community you can learn from and stay connected to for a lifetime.  Educators will open up their minds to you, and share with you their tools, and talents to lead you to more success in your career.   You will participate in our hands on floral sessions. You will also get to be the guest at each of our three unique evening events planned and hand designed by me.

The DAVIDTUTERA Experience truly is magical…so come and be part of something that will change your career, and your life.

With Gratitude,

The DAVIDTUTERA Experience “DTE” is unlike any other conference or summit; it is an Experience for Event Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs to join together for three days of education and events that will connect, enlighten and ignite success for all to celebrate. David and his team work to carefully curate a dynamic educational offering and design inspirational evening events. Attendees learn directly from David himself and a select group of experts and innovators.

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"Be Our Guest" at each of the FABULOUS evening EVENTS 

You will EXPERIENCE nights full of connection, meaning, beauty, entertainment and wonderful cuisine as you continue to build new relationship with other attendees, educators, vendors, as well as, the David Tutera Team.  David Tutera has produced and designed each of these events for you to walk in as a guest and leave with more industry knowledge, excitement and passion to create unique events.  

During our educational sessions, attendees will learn new ways to create events, be higher performers, generate new revenue streams and so much more. DTE has created a culture of collaboration, with our alumni forming lasting friendships and a supportive network with industry professionals from around the globe. At DTE, you are not lost in a crowd of people, each DTE has a limited attendance count to allow for the creation of an intimate atmosphere providing a safe space for the open exchange of ideas and the ideal environment to grow yourself as well as your business.